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Buttermilk Ridge Publishing is a division of Yaney Marketing & Graphic Design, llc. We publish books for individual writers, in particular professional speakers, niche business leaders and consultants who aspire to be authors. We are a vanity press. In other words, we do not buy the rights to your book. The book is produced and is yours to market and distribute as you see fit. The author bears the cost of the book and therefore receives 100% of the profit on the sale.

We will make sure your book is assigned an ISBN number so it can be distributed and sold to major book sellers. We also will register your book with the Library of Congress so it can be cataloged and stocked in libraries.

We are often asked about the name of our publishing division. Many have speculated it had something to do with a bad experience in a Home Ec class. Actually, Buttermilk Ridge has to do with a little U.S. history and a lot of hard work.

In the early years after founding our nation, the midwest was a vast wilderness that presented great opportunity and great peril. Out of northwestern Ohio runs two rivers to the west. They parallel each other, coming just a few miles from crossing the others banks. As they enter northeastern Indiana, the two rivers abruptly turn away from each other and flow in opposite directions. The Wabash River continues west and then turns south. Its waters eventually flow down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. The St. Mary's River meets the St. Joseph's River and forms the Maumee, which flows northeast to Lake Erie. Frontiersmen and trappers used the ridge to portage goods from one river to the other. During George Washington's first term in office, he sent three armies to capture this area, for he knew that to hold this land between the two rivers was to control the passageway from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

When this land was settled, the early pioneers began to farm it. They first had to drain nearly 100 miles of swamps and clear the land that lay between the two rivers. They gave it the name Buttermilk Ridge. It became a thriving farm land through the sweat and back-breaking effort of those early frontiersmen.

I grew up on the Buttermilk Ridge and used its lore to create the company name. I wanted it to reflect the hard work that it takes to write and publish a book. Much like clearing the land to produce a crop, writers all start out with the arduous task of taking a blank sheet of paper and creating a story. Buttermilk Ridge Publishing is an icon for the hours of hard work, manuscript writes and rewrites until a book is finally published.

Kevin Yaney
President of Buttermilk Ridge Publishing

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